♥ Dog Friendly Woodinville Wineries ♥

Planning to go wine tasting in Woodinville but hate to leave your dog at home?  Woodinville is full of Dog Friendly tasting rooms!


This is a work in progress and a summer project to get as many filled in as possible.  I’m looking forward to the “work” and I welcome any/all input or corrections – please feel free to comment.   Cheers! 


  1. Adams Bench – Gorgeous tasting room, excellent wine and dog friendly! ♥ 
  2. Adrice – Dog friendly! ♥
  3. Adytum Cellars – TBD 
  4. Airfield Estates – Great wines, lots of room for your dog and lots of great people who will be happy to see you both ♥ 
  5. Alexandria Nicole – Nice wines and neat tasting room in the Hollywood Schoolhouse but sadly, no longer dog friendly due to the commercial kitchen.
  6. Alta Cellars – Great wines, great people and dog friendly! ♥
  7. aMaurice – TBD
  8. Amavi / Pepperbridge Cellars – Great wines from both labels. Pepperbridge is the name of the vineyards and the premium label; Amavi is every bit as good but not made in limited quantities and has a lower price point.  Dog friendly! ♥
  9. Ambassador – Nice tasting room with lots of seating and lots of friendly people and Red Mountain wine.  Dog friendly! ♥
  10. Ancestry Cellars – Dog friendly! ♥
  11. Armstrong – Fun tasting room, nice people and fantastic wines.  Dog friendly!  ♥
  12. Aspenwood Cellars – Dog friendly!  ♥
  13. Auclair – Great wines and a gorgeous winery dog, a German Shepherd names Savannah.  Dog friendly. ♥
  14. Avennia – TBD
  15. Baer Winery – Great wines, tasting room not open regularly but when they are they welcome dogs, even at their large-scale events. ♥
  16. Barons – Great wines, nice people and one of our favorite names in Washington winemaking, Matt Loso.  Dog friendly! ♥
  17. Barrage Cellars – Amazing wines and to say they love dogs is an understatement!  They even have dog biscuits stashed behind the tasting bar.  Very dog friendly! ♥ ♥
  18. Basel Cellars – Dog friendly!  ♥
  19. Beaumont Cellars –  Great wines, people and tasting room.  Dog friendly – with treats!  ♥ ♥
  20. Betz Family Winery – Open for special events only, no dogs please.
  21. Brian Carter Cellars – Great wines and a great outdoor patio where dogs of all kinds can be found.  They’ve even had specific “dog days of summer.” ♥
  22. Bunnell Family Cellars –  Great wines, lots of options, super nice people.  Dog friendly!  ♥
  23. Cascade Cliffs – TBD
  24. Castillo de Feliciana – Great tasting room, people and wine.  The grounds are nice for walking a dog too. Dog friendly!  ♥
  25. Cave B – Dog friendly!  ♥
  26. Celaeno Winery – Great wines and a really fun tasting room and they have a gorgeous  and very friendly winery dog. Dog friendly!  ♥
  27. Chandler Reach – TBD
  28. Chateau Rollat – Another Matt Loso project, which is a good thing! Dog friendly!  ♥
  29. Chateau  Ste. Michelle – Gorgeous grounds for you and your dog to enjoy but don’t even think about going inside with your pooch – they’re allowed outside only.
  30. Chatter Creek – The wines are excellent and they love dogs.  They usually have a water bowl and sometimes even a ball or two to play with.  Very dog friendly! ♥ ♥
  31. Col Solare – TBD
  32. Columbia Winery – Nice, huge winery and tasting room with nice wines and people but no dogs please.
  33. Convergence Zone -Shared tasting room with Kaella and dog friendly! ♥
  34. Cougar Crest – Fin tasting room with nice wines and sometimes their own winery dog!  Dog friendly! ♥
  35. Covington Cellars – Great wines, great people and really outstanding food pairings.  I hear that even though they serve food they’re still dog friendly – I’ll check it out!  ♥
  36. Cuillin Hills – Great wines, wild-n-crazy winemaker and totally dog friendly. ♥
  37. Darby –  Both locations are dog friendly and wine yummy!  Be sure to try the second label, “Live Wire” if it is available on the line up when you visit. ♥
  38. Davenport Cellars – Nice wines and nice selection of small bites. They allow dogs but not in the kitchen/food prep area. ♥ 
  39. DeLille –  I’ve only been here for specific events and it’s so beautiful I wouldn’t dream of bringing my dog here.  It might be allowed but you better call to check first.
  40. DeLille Carriage House – TBD
  41. Des Voigne Cellars – Great line up of wines and very dog friendly.  Time it right and you might get to meet their Goldendoodle, George.  ♥
  42. Di Stefano Winery – Dog friendly!  PS – be sure to taste the Sogno. ♥
  43. Dusted Valley – Dog friendly! ♥
  44. Efeste – Great wines, gorgeous tasting room, great people.  Sadly, their gorgeous tasting room also includes a commercial kitchen so no dogs allowed inside.
  45. Elevation Cellars – Great people and killer wines – don’t miss the Cab. Dog friendly! ♥
  46. Eye of the Needle – Dog friendly!  ♥
  47. Facelli Winery – Great wines and a wonderful familia!  They are dog friendly and people friendly.   ♥
  48. Fidelitas – TBD
  49. Finn Hill – Nice tasting room and people, good wines too. Dog friendly! ♥
  50. Five Star Cellars – Great wines, really love the Merlot and Sangiovese. Dog friendly!  ♥
  51. Forgeron – Dog friendly! ♥
  52. Flying Dreams Winery – Great wines and what a great winemaker!  A real treat, for dogs and for people.  Dog friendly!  ♥
  53. Gard – TBD
  54. Gecko Cellars – Dog friendly!  ♥
  55. Genoa – Dog friendly!  ♥
  56. Goose Ridge – TBD
  57. Gorman Winery – Great wines and cool tasting rooms, both in the Warehouse District and the Hollywood Hills area.  The Warehouse location is dog friendly!. ♥
  58. Guardian Cellars – Dog friendly!  ♥
  59. Hollywood Hill Vineyards – TBD
  60. Icon Cellars – TBD
  61. Isenhower – Great wines and people and one of the few places that offers a sparking wine.  Oh, and yes – they’re dog friendly!  ♥
  62. J & A Winery – TBD
  63. J Bookwalker – Nice wines, gorgeous/big tasting room – indoor and outdoor seating, both are dog friendly! ♥
  64. Januik – Great wines and a massive tasting room. Dogs allowed in outside seating area only, due to commercial kitchen.
  65. JM Cellars – Gorgeous winery and amazing wines. Very nice staff and lots of trails and space to explore with your dog.  On rainy days, all are welcome inside as well.  Very dog friendly!  ♥ ♥
  66. Kaella – Shared tasting room with Convergence Zone and also dog friendly!  ♥
  67. Kasia – TBD
  68. Keira Cellars – Currently open by appointment only but if you have a well behaved dog, they are happy to have you both.  Dog friendly! ♥
  69. Kestrel – TBD on dogs due to possible commercial kitchen. Nice tasting room up front and even nicer tasting room for club members in back, complete with tables and chairs and tons of space.
  70. Kevin White Winery – Dog friendly! ♥
  71. Lachini – TBD
  72. Lauren Ashton – TBD
  73. Long Shadows – TBD
  74. Mark Ryan – Great wines and an awesome tasting room.  Dog friendly! ♥
  75. Market Vineyards – Dog friendly! ♥
  76. Martedi – Dog friendly! ♥
  77. Matthews Estates – TBD
  78. Michael Florentino – Dog friendly!  ♥
  79. Northwest Totem Cellars – TBD
  80. Novelty Hill – (See Januik above)
  81. Obelisco Estate Winery – Warehouse location is dog friendly!  ♥
  82. Otis Kenyon – Great wines, great story-telling and a great team working there.  As you and your dog enjoy your visit, ask about the history. ♥
  83. Page Cellars – Great wines and great people, including the winemaker…Jimmy Page!  Okay, so it might not be *that* Jimmy page but these wines rock.  Dog friendly! ♥
  84. Patit Creek Cellars – Great wines and a cool location.  It was slightly under construction when we were there last but I was told it would remain dog friendly. ♥
  85. Patterson Cellars – Great wines, great people and the Warehouse location is (very) dog friendly.  The Station location is dog friendly in the outside seating area because it is a shared space with a pizzeria. ♥
  86. Pepper Bridge – (See Amavi above) Dog friendly! ♥
  87. Piccola Cellars – Former tasting room was very dog friendly TBD on the new one, we’ll check it out!
  88. Pomum Cellars – Great wines and such great people.  Dog friendly! ♥
  89. Pondera – Great wines, very nice tasting room and even nicer people.  Dog friendly! ♥
  90. Red Sky – Great wines, huge selection and very nice people.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet Mia, the winery dog.  You bet they’re very dog friendly. ♥ ♥
  91. Refuge and Prospect – TBD
  92. Robert Ramsay Cellars – Dog friendly! ♥
  93. Rocky Pond – Dog friendly! ♥
  94. Ross Andrew Winery – Great wines, great people and a great big winery dog!  Unfortunately, no tasting room at the moment – stay tuned.
  95. Savage Grace – Great wines, nice selection, and people too. Dog friendly! ♥
  96. Silver Lake – TBD
  97. Smasne Cellars – Dog friendly! ♥
  98. Sol Stone – TBD
  99. Sparkman Cellars – Two locations.  Both are dog friendly!
  100. Stevens Winery – Nice, big tasting room with great wine and nice/dog loving people.  So yes, they’re dog friendly!
  101. Tenor Wines – TBD
  102. Torii Mor – Dog friendly! ♥
  103. Trust Cellars – TBD
  104. Two Vintners – (See Covington Cellars above)
  105. Venture Cellars – TBD
  106. Vortex Cellars – Dog friendly!  ♥
  107. W.T. Vintners – Nice wines and people. Dog friendly! ♥
  108. Warr-King – Dog friendly – with treats! ♥ ♥
  109. William Church – Great wines, great people and very dog friendly.  And hey…it’s always a good time to go to church! ♥
  110. William Grassie – Dog friendly! ♥
  111. Woodhouse Wine Estates – TBD
  112. Woodinville Wine Cellars – TBD
  113. XS Vintners – If you’re lucky, Otis (the winery dog will be there) and yes – they are dog friendly! ♥
  114. Zerba Cellars – Great wines, amazing selection, nice people and dog friendly.  ♥


9 thoughts on “♥ Dog Friendly Woodinville Wineries ♥

  1. We are wanting to go on a tasting tour when we are down there on holidays but can’t even begin to figure out a good route. We have a pooch we would like to keep happy as well. The list above is great. I was wondering if you can recommend a route to take that would take us past some doggy friendly wineries ( or are they really scattered around?)

  2. This is so awesome! Thank you SO much for posting this and creating such a comprehensive roundup! Headed up to Washington for a trip with our dog and wanted to spend time in Woodinville, but was worried this would be tough with a pup. SO glad we found your site! Cheers to adventures in drinking with our dogs! We’re going to mention this post and link to it in our blog roundup of our trip when we get back – http://www.LoveandSpecs.com

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