How it Began

A little about me…and how this all began…

One of the original goals for this blog was to help get me motivated to drink more wine.  Sounds silly, right?  I mean, I love wine – why would I need any other motivation? Well you see…I have this problem with hoarding it. I love buying it, but have a habit of holding on to it to share with people or to open on “just the right occasion.” I thought blogging about wine would mean drinking more of it…which it did but I kept buying it too!

The other topic I really enjoy writing about is dogs – specifically my dogs, Cricket and Penny Lane. Cricket is a Yorkiepoo and Penny Lane is a medium size Goldendoodle. Crazy Poodle hybrids, I know. Ironically, I never set out to have either of these “designer” mixes. They both ended up here at different times and for different reasons but somehow it seems to have been meant to be…they even look remarkably similar. I lovingly refer to them as “The Doodles.” They are always happy to join me on new adventures and explore new parks, farmers markets or trails. One of them even loves going to the wineries almost as much as I do!

My current plan is to blend the two things together and visit as many dog friendly wineries as possible.  I’ll keep track of them all right here.

So there you have it…Canines and Cabernet.  People always say that you should write about what you love, right?

The Doodles - Fall 2011

The Doodles – Fall 2011


3 thoughts on “How it Began

  1. Hi! I just recently started following your blog – it sounds like we have a lot in common. (Although I do not have quite as much wine as you. . . ) As it turns out – the company I work for just launched a new program, that you might be interested in! You can check out or email me at for more info/details.


  2. Love this blog! your wine room fricking rocked!!! can’t believe how many bottles of wine you have. I am excited that you sold me some Red Zeppelin. I loved the chatter creek red table wine tonight.

  3. Here is something for wine and dog lovers that we could use your help with. The Grape Cup: WSU vs UW Alumni Winemaker/Brewer Competition is coming up this Thursday and tickets sales are pretty slow. We would love to provide you with 2 VIP tickets to the event in exchange for a blog posting (just email me the link and I will put 2 tickets for you on the guestlist) about the event highlighting:

    The Grape Cup: UW vs WSU Alumni Winemaker/Brewer Challenge
    Thursday, September 16th, 2010
    6:30 – 9:00pm
    415 Westlake Ave N (South Lake Union), Seattle
    Tickets: $40 at

    Support our Local Farmworkers: It is a great way to support Washington wines as this is a fundraising event for Farmworker Housing Trust who support many of the grape pickers throughout the state by providing safe, affordable housing.

    Take Wines Home: There will be an on-site wine store with wines for sale from the participating wineries (see list below). Proceeds of these sales also go to Farmworker Housing Trust.

    You don’t have to be a Husky or Coug to attend: Always fun to heat up this State rivalry with some fierce competition but also fun for those non UW or WSU alumns to watch from the sidelines while sipping great wine/beer and partaking in some tasty tailgate fare prepared by Chef Tom Black.

    And the Winner IS . . .: There will be a judging panel blind tasting select wines from each winery as well as a People’s Choice for the guests to vote on their favorites. Cougs won last year. Who will this year’s winner be????

    Participating Wineries/Breweries:

    Brian Carter Cellars
    Georgetown Brewing
    Gilbert Cellars

    Goose Ridge Estate Winery
    Kana Winery
    Madsen Family Cellars
    Mercer Estates
    Nicholas Cole Cellars
    Nota Bene Cellars
    Pandora Cellars
    Palouse Winery
    Plaza Winery
    Red Hook Ale Brewery
    Red Barn & Burroloco Ciders
    Skylite Cellars
    Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
    St. Laurent Estate Winery
    Smasne Cellars
    Tempest Sol Winery
    Tulip Valley Vineyard & Orchard
    Two Mountain Winery
    Wilridge Winery
    William Church
    Willow Crest
    WineGirl Wines

    Tickets are $40 and available by visiting

    Event produced by David LeClaire, Wine Events & Promotions, and Seattle Uncorked

    Thanks so much!

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