New Year = New Project

I’m new to the blog world but have been thinking about trying it for a while.  I thought that it would be one of the easier New Years Resolutions that I might actually enjoy and keep up longer than a week.  What I didn’t see coming was the initial block of all creative thought a soon as I created the blog and attempted to craft my first entry.  So then I thought it might be a good idea to read a few other blogs to maybe take the intimidation factor down a notch.  I soon realized that I really shouldn’t have done that.  Granted, there are some lousy examples out there, but of course I didn’t choose to read those.  No…I went to a list of award winners.  Now I am not only intimidated but pretty sure that I am completely inadequate.  Not only do I not have a quirky topic, or a portfolio of gorgeous photography, but I find I am not an expert in any one area.  So what the hell am I going to write about?!?  And an even better question is…who the hell is actually going to spend their valuable free time reading it?  More pressure.

I’ve decided that I will do what I do best which is babble on and on about random things that I find interesting, funny or just odd.  Some may be current and brilliant; most (I fear) will be lame and witty only to the writer.   There will also be plenty of fascinating stories about my dogs, Vegas and Cricket.  And if that isn’t enough to keep you drooling for more (pun intended) then let me also tell you that in addition to the things listed, I am also planning to photograph and review my wine collection!  Still not hooked?  How about vacation slides?  Aren’t those always super thrilling to folks that weren’t on the trip and had no desire to go in the first place?  That’s it!  That’s the theme for this blog…I’ll take you on a trip that you really had no desire to go on in the first place.  Brilliant.