Moved In and Thirsty!

I’m not sure how long I can use the move as an excuse not to update this but it seems like I’ve just about milked that for all it’s worth.  To bring you up to date…

We made it – all the wine, all the boxes and both dogs…it’s all in the new house.  Nothing is settled in yet, but we’re all here.  Unpacking and setting up a new place is a lot of work, but it’s fun to see it all come together.  The house is bigger than the last one and because of the way that it’s laid out, I have an extra room downstairs just for the wine.  The movers and I were jokingly calling it “the wine cellar.”  In truth, it’s an extra bedroom that could have been my office.  However, I decided to set up the downstairs den as an office.  It’s a huge space and much bigger than an office needs to be, but what the heck – I had nothing else to put in the den, so it’s an office…and what would have been the office is now “The Cellar.”

The house is a tri-level house with the most used living spaces on the middle level.  Of course that’s the level I set up first.  In under 24 hours I was having my parents over for dinner and wine.  The next weekend I had friends over for more food and (lots) more wine. 

The dogs are adj021usting well.  The backyard is roughly twice the size of the last one and…the best part…we have no neighbors behind us.  We do however have a view of the water.  Okay, it’s a water tower, but whatever…details, details, details.  Vegas has escaped twice already but I think I’ve got the fence and the holes patched up now and hope that it will hold him.  Cricket has no desire to escape; she’s too busy “mulching” all the pine cones.  

Since the move, I’ve really been working on their socialization.  We’ve had outings almost every weekend and this past weekend I took Vegas back to the dogIn The Mix at the Dog Parkpark each morning.  Cricket went to her first dog park a couple weeks ago and it didn’t go so well.  At first I don’t think she even realized the leash was off.  But even when she did, she sat on my shoes the whole time.  I’ve got to get her around more dogs on leashes before I try that again.  Still – both have come a long way and are showing great progress.  The picture is of Vegas with a bunch of little dogs at a gathering for small dogs, held once a month in Bellevue.  He went in barking and trying to pick a fight, but he got the hang of it after a few minutes.


That’s all for now.  I’m hosting a wine tasting party in a couple weeks – more news, wine reviews and pictures after that.