I’m Drinking as Fast as I Can!

Six days until the move and there is no way I’ll make a dent in the wine collection.  I’ve been drinking as much as I can, which is probably why I am behind on the packing.  I’ve even been having friends over to help, and still…I have around 200 bottles.  Insane. 

Unless I can pick up a neighbor’s WiFi signal, this will be the last post until I am moved in and set up at the new place.  I thought I’d list some of the highlights of the wines I’ve been drinking over the last couple weeks, combined with a couple quick mentions about a few wineries.  This will have to do until I get back to writing real reviews, complete with label pics.

  • Guardian Cellars – Chalk Line:  What a great blend this was!  I’ve raved about this winery before…dog friendly, people friendly and great wines. 
  • Cuillin Hills – Claret:  Great fruit up front and not too much oak to overpower it.  Dad, Vegas and I were there recently and had the pleasure of tasting his new Cab Franc.  We’d read a great little review about it in Northwest Wine Press and were thrilled that there was an open bottle for us to taste.  I bought a bottle immediately. 
  • :Nota Bene Cellars– 2004 Miscela:  Such a great wine, good fruit, no tannins and a really “full mouth” tast.  This is one of the South Seattle wineries that I haven’t had a chance to write about.  They have some AMAZING blends.  Most of their wines are blends and, honestly, one is better than the next.  I’ve never taken anyone there that didn’t go nuts for their wines.  I know they have a winery dog (Labradooldle I believe) but not sure about customers bringing dogs.  I’ll put together a wine day at these wineries soon and will have a section for them on this site as well.
  • Barrage Cellars – Merlot:   Best Merlot I’ve had in a while, hands down.  Great fruit and it lingered for a long time.  Loved it and will be buying more soon.  Anxious to try his soon-to-be released Cab Franc.  Also, this is a very dog friendly winery…Vegas and I were there not too long ago…several other dogs were in there as well.
  • Fall Line Winery – Red Mountain Blend:  Nice Bordeaux blend with great fruit and a great finish.  Another great wine from another great South Seattle winery. 

That’s all for now…time to get back to these never-ending boxes!!