Two Brunellos for Christmas!

Two Brunellos?  Wow – it must be Christmas! 


My dad and I have been Brunello fans ever since our trip to Tuscany.  The wine itself is out of this world but just as great is the conversation that follows after we start drinking it.  The trip was one of the best either of us have been on and this wonderful wine always takes us back there in the fondest of ways.  We had TWO bottles with Christmas dinner.  Dinner was a gorgeous leg of lamb  and it called for an equally gorgeous bottle of wine.  A Brunello was the perfect choice.  We’ve never had two at once before – such a treat!  Both were from Banfi, one 2001 and one 2003.  I have to say, both were excellent.  The 2001 was smoother initially but the 2003 had a bit more fruit.  After they’d both been open a while they were more similar.  We decided that there was no real favorite, no winner or loser.  Both were great and, much like our trip to Italy, both were done too soon.


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