The Ghost of 413 – 08 Riesling – Columbia Valley

  • Wine Info:  Rieslingghost riesling
  • Appearance:  Pale yellow
  • Nose:  Kind of smelled like wet slate with hints of peaches and pears
  • Taste:  Tart (in a good way) citrus flavors and possibly some green apple flavors as well
  • Finish:  Crisp and clean finish
  • Price :  $13.00
  • Remarks:  Loved this one!  I’ve enjoyed Rieslings for years but find that the majority of them are done in a semi-sweet style.  Oddly enough, Rieslings are the only wines that I like done in this way.  That being said, I still love, what in my mind, is a “classic” Riesling and to me that means dry.  This one is a perfect example.  It’s refreshing and full of bright citrus flavors.  I paired it with chicken ravioli and a light Alfredo sauce (with a healthy splash of this wine in it) and it was a perfect combination.  Would also be fantastic with just a big hunk of cheese.

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