Time to Drink Up!

Oh boy, it looks like I’m moving after all – in THREE WEEKS!  No way I can drink 200 bottles of wine in 3 weeks, even with Darrell’s help.  (Sorry, D.)  I decided that I wasn’t really comfortable with the “possible foreclosure” situation with this house and that it would be better for me to find something on my own than be told I had 30 days to vacate.  I sort of thought it would take longer to find something but I got really lucky and found a great house.  It’s way too big for me and has more lawn than I really wanted to take care of, but it felt “right” when I looked at it.  I didn’t even think I’d be able to rent it because the ad stated that there were no pets allowed and we come as a package deal.  It must have been meant to be, that’s all I can think.  They waved the no pet policy, checked my credit and offered to rent me their home – yippeee!  So here we go…time to pack it all up and move it all out…again.  I sure would like to stay put for longer than a year this time.


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