Weekend Wine Reviews

I had a busy weekend but somehow managed to “force myself” to find the time to drink some wine.  I also did a current count and the updated total after this weekend is 210 bottles.  I have a little less than a year to get the count to 100 or less.  If I keep inviting D over, that should be no problem at all – the kid is a self proclaimed Wine Disposal!  Here’s what we had:

Baer 05 Ursa – Columbia Valley

  • Wine Info:  55% Merlot; 28% Cab Franc; 7% Cabernet Savignon; 7% Malbec; 3% Petite VerdotUrsa
  • Appearance:  Deep dark red
  • Nose:  Cherries, chocolate, sweet red jam
  • Taste:  Initially we tasted ripe cherries, then tart berries leading up to juicy plums
  • Finish:  Lingers for a bit with nice soft tannins,  mellows even more with decanting, great fruit and not over-oaked
  • Price Range:  $35 – $40
  • Remarks:  We started out having this with food (pizza) but continued to drink it after we were done eating.  This is always a great wine.  It’s the wine that first made us aware of the winery and it’s great every year.  The price point has gone up over the years and as a result, I buy fewer bottles.  That being said, I never pass up a chance to buy it.  It’s only made in small amounts so when it’s gone, it’s gone.


Kenneday Shah 04 Reserve Cab Franc – Rattlesnake Hills

  • Wine Info:  Cabernet Franc
  • Appearance:  Translucent ruby red, like a stained glass windowKennedy Shah
  • Nose:  Floral and spices (maybe cinnamon?)
  • Taste:  Fruit initially and then spices
  • Finish:  Lingering spice and moderate tannins
  • Price Range:  $35 – $40
  • Remarks:  We had this with chocolate cake and it was a great pairing, the spiciness of the wine cut the super sweet chocolate.  It had a different taste without food and the tannins seemed to be more evident.   This is not the ‘fruit bomb’ that some Cab Francs can be.


Brain Carter 04 L’Etalon – Yakima ValleyL'Etalon

  • Wine Info: 
  • Appearance:  Deep ruby red
  • Nose:  Berries, spices (maybe cloves?) and light wood (sort of like a cedar closet)
  • Taste:  Juicy berries and plums with a mellow spice finish
  • Finish:  Nice lingering finish with soft tannins
  • Price Range: $30 – $35
  • Remarks:  This is always one of my favorite Brian Carter wines.  It’s a great blend that does well with or without food.  Could probably cellar well for a while, but I’ve never been able to hang on to it long enought o find out.


Red Sky 03 Bordeaux Blend

  • Wine Info:  57% Cabernet Sauvignon; 36% Merlot; 7% Cab FrancRed Sky
  • Appearance:  Dark red, almost black
  • Nose:  Raspberries and chocolate (yummy!)
  • Taste:  All ripe and juicy fruit, raspberries, cherries, plums
  • Finish:  Soft finish with lingering fruit, very little tannins
  • Price Range:  $30 – $35
  • Remarks:  We absolutely loved this one.  There was so much good fruit in this wine and it didn’t fade after being open for a while.  We had no food with this one and didn’t miss it a bit.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Wine Reviews

  1. Washington State wines are really coming on the map as I predicted a few years ago. I remember telling people that the climate in Washington is perfect for Bordeaux varietals and that someday Washington state cabs and Merlots would rival the very best from Napa. No one could believe what I was saying but now you see so much press and positive writing about these wines. Cheers and thanks for the savvy reviews. Come give me a visit!

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