Home Alone

Home AloneCricket had a breakthrough that is worthy of writing about.  First, a little back story…I have been unable to successfully leave Cricket home without locking her in her crate.  She’s just a little over a year old and I keep thinking she’s ready to be left alone and not be locked up.  Until this weekend, I have been proven wrong every single time.  She has shredded paperback books, newspapers, paper towels and toilet paper.  She has scattered the sofa pillows (and their stuffing) all over the house.  She’s eaten a throw rug and a good portion of the baseboards in the living room.  Because of these issues, I’ve taught her that when I leave the house (I always say, “I’ve got to go to work”) she goes into her crate and gets a treat.  It’s a non-issue most of the time because she is so food motivated.  But this past Saturday I had to run a quick errand and decided I would try again.  Much to my delight, she did great!  There was nothing out of place, not one thing!  She was panting heavily when I got home so I think she was probably nervous and running around, but nothing was disturbed.  I was only gone an hour but I’m thrilled with the results.  I can’t wait to try it again soon.  Maybe one of these days “puppyhood” will be over…


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