Goodbye Old Friend

It’s the absolute worst part about having a pet…having to say goodbye.  One of my closest friends had to say goodbye to his best bud, Joey, today.  It was terribly unexpected and so so fast; I don’t know if it’s even sunk in yet.  Having worked at a vet clinic in college, I can say without a doubt that this never gets any easier, whether it’s a quick thing or a long drawn out process.  For the animals, I’m sure it’s much better for things to be quick and easy.  But for us…it’s so difficult to cope with the emptiness in the house and heart.  And it’s so hard to not doubt yourself and wonder if you did all that you could.  I have to believe that never gets any easier either.  I believe he did what was right for Joey today.  I know it wasn’t a decision that came easily and I know he didn’t take it lightly. 

I lived with Joey for a few years and I can honestly say that he was one small dog that really filled up a house.  His attitude and his energy were both endless.    I’ll miss him for being the Jack Russell “Terrorist” that he was when I met him.  I’ll miss his instant and complete devotion to my beloved and long lost Sheltie, Abby.  I’ll miss that if he didn’t like you, he’d just bite you – no questions asked.  I’ll miss him sneaking up on to the furniture and not making eye contact, as if that somehow made him invisible.  I’ll miss the way he worshipped the fireplace, so much so that he damn near burned off his tail.  I’ll miss the way he shook when he was cold and the way he pulled himself across the carpet like Super Dog.  I’ll miss the way he slid around (usually at high speeTogether Againds) on the Pergo floors right after they were put in.  Last but not least, I’ll miss the fact that he recognized me and seemed genuinely excited to see me after I’d been gone for a couple years.  There really is no love like that of a dog.  Goodbye old friend…kiss Abby for me when you see her.


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