Thursday is a special occasion…isn’t it?

I am so relieved tonight…so relieved that I opened one of the special wines from the “Cab Closet.”  Of all the wines I stash away, Cabernets are by far the highest in number.  I always feel like I need a special occasion to open one of these babies.  Today is Thursday – that’s special, isn’t it?  Granted I am feeling relieved about not having to move (more on that in a minute) but truth be told, I decide this morning that I was going to open something from the Cab Closet.  Let me back up.  I came home to find a Notice of Default attached to the house I’m renting.  It said that the owner had not been paying the mortgage and that the foreclosure process was about to begin.  I freaked.  This isn’t my dream house and there are actually some things I look forward to leaving behind when I do move, but I was planning on staying another year before having to get my act together and pull together another move.  I also don’t want to move over 200 bottles of wine…again.  My dad I moved 2 car loads to California and then back a year ago and I can honestly say that it was a beast.  It was the toughest part of either inter-state move.  So when I thought I was going to have to move in 30-60 days, I decided to start drinking the Cabs.  Thankfully, the owner of the house and I talked today and I found out that he’s in the process of renegotiating his terms with a different lender and that the house is not headed for foreclosure.  When I got home, I saw the Cab that I’d set out earlier in the morning and figured, “What the hell?”  So I had a terrific bottle of 2003 DeLoach O.F.S. Cabernet!  There is a scene in “Sideways” where Miles talks to Maya about waiting for a special occasion to open a rare bottle of wine that he’s been holding.  Her response is along the lines of…opening the bottle IS the special occasion.  I’ll drink to that. 


DeLoach 03 Cabernet OFS – Russian River Valley

  • Wine Info:  98.5% Cabernet Sauvignon; 1.5% Petite Verdot
  • Appearance:  Ruby red
  • Nose:  Blackberries and a hint of floral – can’t pin point what kind though03 DeLoach Cab
  • Taste:  Great fruit, cherries initially and then it almost tastes like the skin of a plum
  • Price Range:  $30 – $40
  • Finish:  Slight tannins but really a very mellow Cab with lingering cherries
  • Remarks:  This was a great Cab and it took me back to when I bought it.  Dad and I were together on our first Sonoma trip (right after he helped me move to California) when I bought this.  He knew and liked this winery, but I’d never heard of it.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that they had a lot of good wines.  I bought this Cab and  Pinot Noir.

2 thoughts on “Thursday is a special occasion…isn’t it?

  1. Hey Lisa!
    Where in California did you live?
    I’ve lived in San Francisco, Santa Rosa (Sonoma County), Guerneville (Russian River) and Chico.
    Just Curious.

    • Hi Shelly,
      I lived in Northern Cal too – East Bay area…Pleasanton and then Livermore. I LOVED it there, seriously. Technically I went there for work. Truthfully I looked at it as my company paying me to move to wine country. 🙂
      Were you there for work as well?

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