Woodinville Wine Day

I’m recovering from a wine soaked day in Woodinville yesterday.  We had 11 stops and it seems like one was better than the next.  Really, there are some fantastic wines in Woodinville.  I will be updating the ‘Woodinville Wineries’ tab on this page with a brief summary of each tasting room.  My hope is to get to all of them throughout the year and write about each one.  This is probably a good time to mention that I’m not in the business of writing bad reviews.  I honestly believe that if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all.  So if you’re looking for me to slam a tasting room, or a winery, you will be disappointed.  The nice thing is, I don’t have to try hard to find something nice to say about the wine scene in Woodinville.

So this is list of wineries from yesterday…Alexandria Nicolle, Baer, Patterson, Darby, Red Sky, Des Voigne, Chatter Creek, Covington Cellars, Ross Andrew, JM Cellars and Brian Carter.  Whew!  I’d love to say that I had a clear favorite, but there were too many good things to try.  I’ll try to list a favorite (or two) from each place:

  • Alexandria Nicole – Rock Star Red, 06 Cabernet
  • Baer – Ursa
  • Darby – Chaos, Purple Haze
  • Patterson – Recession Red, 06 Volterra (Super Tuscan)
  • Red Sky – Sunrise, Serendipity
  • Des Voigne – San Remo (Sangiovese)
  • Chatter Creek – Cab Franc
  • Covington Cellars – Tuscan Red, Cab Franc
  • Ross Andrew – 05 Cabernet
  • JM Cellars – Cuvee, Tre Fanciulli
  • Brian Carter – Tuttorosso

Overall, a very good day with great wines and great friends.  Can’t wait to do it all again…however, I need to stop buying!!  As mentioned previously, my goal is to drink my collection down to 100 bottles or less in the next year.  After what I’ve opened this month and then this latest trip to Woodinville, I am up 4 bottles.  I’m doing it wrong.


2 thoughts on “Woodinville Wine Day

  1. I just added your blog to my blogroll – it appears we have a lot in common! I write only about wines I like – 95% about Washington state wines, with a occasional post about Oregon, B.C. or California. And I have four dogs. Our main difference – I don’t hoard wine! Sometimes I wish I could. Mainly I just enjoy it and add more to replace the missing bottles!

    You’ve picked a few of my favorites on your Woodinville list. I also recommend Efeste, Woodhouse Family Cellars and Page Cellars.

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