Overedue Wine Reviews

 I’ve been without a home computer for a while but now that the new (grape colored) computer is here – it’s time to get my act together and get caught up on some reviews.  I’ve got a big wine day coming up tomorrow and if I don’t get these completed now, I don’t know when I ever will.

Let me start with a few bottles that I opened at D’s place a couple weeks ago.  (Thanks again for inviting me and the dogs over for wine and a movie!)  Incidentally, this was the dog’s first trip to D’s place.  They did better than expected but have a long way to go before I start bringing them all over with me.  I would eventually love to bring them to Woodinville, but we’ve got a long way to go before they’re winery ready.

Okay – on to the wine. 


Darby 06 Chaos – Columbia ValleyDarby - Chaos

  • Wine Info:  67% Cab; 18% Syrah; 10% Cab Franc; 5% Petite Verdot
  • Appearance:  Ruby red; slightly translucent around the edges when held up to the light
  • Nose:  Tight when first opened, but after decanting it opened up with cherries
  • Taste:  Light/bright fruit (we tasted cherries and plums) with a little spice (cloves?)on the finish, maybe from the Syrah
  • Finish:  Both fruit and spice lingers and continue to taste good; no tannins to compete with the other flavors
  • Price Range:  $20 – $30
  • Remarks:  Love this wine!  We had it with pizza but it’s great by itself as well.  Really unique flavor, due to the interesting and non-conventional blend.  Nice medium bodied wine.



Pomum 05 Syrah – Columbia Valley

  • Wine Info:  Syrah, dscf0138
  • Appearance:  Inky, dark eggplant purple, opaque
  • Nose:  Black and blue berries, got better and better the longer it was open
  • Taste:  Slight spice initially and then big, juicy fruit, a mouthful of wine
  • Finish:  Smooth, lingering, hits your tongue in all the right ways
  • Price Range: $30 – $35
  • Remarks:  Oh how I wish I had more of this!  Really fantastic Syrah.  Food was long gone when we opened this but I can see it going with a nice steak or a great leg of lamb.  This wine should cellar well for a while but it would be really hard not to drink it if I had more.



 Sparkman Cellars 05 Wilderness – Columbia Valley

  • Wine Info:  77% Cab, 12% Syrah, 8% Cab Franc, 3% Malbecdscf0120
  • Appearance:  Dark, intense red
  • Nose:  Cocoa, cherries, dark floral – maybe violets?
  • Taste:  Great fruit, black cherries, black berries
  • Finish:  Slight tannins on the finish
  • Price Range:  $25 – $30
  • Remarks:  I’ve liked this wine for a while; it’s a great blend and I haven’t found anything that it doesn’t go well with.  Price point is good too.  And if that isn’t enough for you to try it…a portion of the revenues from this wine are donated to the Wilderness Society.

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