The Death of my Dell

The bad news…my home computer (an 11 year old Dell desktop) is dying a slow death.  The good news…I have a spiffy little laptop on order and should be back in business in a few weeks.  Until then I will play with the dogs, cook, drink and take as many notes as possible.  I’ve even got a big wine day in Woodinville planned for the end of the month and will update with a report and as many pictures as I can take without becoming obnoxious. 

If you’ve been wanting to check out the wineries in South Seattle, Valentine’s Day is a great day to do it.  These wineries open once a month and are pretty easy to navigate between.  For more info, check out the South Seattle Artisan Wineries web site:

And if you’re looking for a great day to visit Woodinville…Saturday (2/21) is it!  Almost everyone is open that weekend, and this doesn’t happen all the time.  There are over 40 wineries in Woodinville so don’t plan on trying to hit them all in one day.  For more information about the wine scene in Woodinville, check out Woodinville Wine Country:



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